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Over the 20 years that I have been shaping brows

I have had many clients come to me with over waxed,

over plucked and uneven brows.
Is this you?

The main issue with uneven brows often lie’s

in the arch placement. 99% of the time it is in

the wrong place or in two different spots,

so the brows do not match, often looking uneven.

Another concern is the front of the eyebrows.

I call this the “hook”. This is where the brow is

much thicker at the front and then pencil-thin

at the ends creating a very heavy unbalanced brow. 


Even the direction your brow-hair grows

plays a massive part. I prefer natural brows

that suit your face shape, complexion

and hair colour.


Your brows should add beauty, not take over

the face. I will wax, pluck and trim your brows

into the perfect shape for you. Adding my own

personal touch to each and every client.

Let’s enhance our most important facial feature!

It absolutely frames your face.

I have never met a brow I couldn’t rescue,

tame or correct..
I would love to take care of yours

Deanna xx

brow shape

brow shape + brow tint

eyebrow tint

eyelash tint

eyelash tint add-on

lip wax

teens/tweens brow tidy/reshape

men's brow tidy (includes ears and nose)

Note: Tanning products on the face can give tint a green undertone.

Tanning is best applied after, not before.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, 24 hours notice would be appreciated. A fee of 50% may apply to no shows, or last minute cancellations. 









Brow Shaping

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