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Henna colour

Henna colour achieves a natural powder effect stain on the brows.
It is luxurious and highly pigmented and can be customised for

each skin type and tone.

The agents are derived from the 
highest quality of the Henna

Plant or tree, resulting in superior skin stain and brow colour.

Henna brows may last up to 2 weeks on the skin and 6 weeks

on the hair, this will depend on skin type and after care.

Oily skin types and active, oil based cleansers with regular washing will fade the henna tint dramatically.

A dry to normal skin type may hold henna brows longer

A darker colour choice is advised if you are wanting

the longest lasting effect.

Avoid rubbing, touching or washing the brows for 24hrs.

Tanning products on the face and brows will effect the staining

of the henna, they are best applied after your treatment.

While the henna is processing, you can enjoy a

complimentary relaxing head and scalp massage.

henna colour + brow shape

(allow 1 hour treatment time)


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